Strawberry quartz carries very joyful energy. It is soothing to touch and reminds one to laugh, enjoy life, and be in the moment. It’s calming energy is wonderful for anyone who is always rushing about, and reminds one to “Stop and smell the roses”

Strawberry Quartz is conduit for receiving hidden or forgotten information. It is a stone that promotes clarity and internal vision as it directs your mind and thoughts towards gateways of thought that benefit you in any way. If you want to work with sacred paths, intrinsic knowledge, hidden wisdom and unlocking the supernatural journey within then Strawberry Quartz will aid you in your quests. The stone provides calming and focusing energies for those who have a lot of stress and responsibilities in your life. Whether you have a large family, a stressful job, or you are juggling many responsibilities in your life at the same time, Strawberry Quartz helps you to maintain your energy, focus and determination to receive greater benefits and power from your hard work. Strawberry Quartz promotes growth, strength and enduring, positive power for overcoming difficult times in your life with grace & victory.

Strawberry Quartz is a translucent pink stone that is see through. It has a dainty, pink appearance as the hue saturation is light.