////PERLA Disposable Adult Diaper

PERLA Disposable Adult Diaper

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Our adult care products include disposable adult diapers and underpads.

In our high quality products we developed, comfort and protection are all equally important, and with special designs we have developed solutions that meet these needs.


  • Cottony Surface:  Soft inner and outer surfaces provide comfort and prevent rash.
  • High Health Standard: In all stages of the factory environment, adult diapers have been produced in accordance with health, without touching hands and have been dermatologically tested.
  • Perfect fit to the body: The adult diaper, which takes the shape of the body with its anatomical structure, provides excellent comfort with its comfortable structure. It will not be apparent under the casual clothes. Thanks to its special structure, it does not rustle. It can be used safely not only by patients lying in bed, but also by patients in motion.
  • Super Absorbency: Thanks to the “Extra Absorbent Zone”, a product of advanced technology, the liquid goes to the bottom layer, without going out. It spreads evenly and gets trapped in the adult diaper. Thus, liquid and skin contact is prevented. Even in movements that apply pressure to the adult diaper, such as walking and sitting, the liquid’s reaching the surface is prevented.
  • Wetness Indicator and Leakproof Barriers: The adult diaper has a wetness indicator that indicates the time of the diaper change. Diaper change is done according to the indicator. It also has a barrier consits of waterproof and soft nonwoven material and antioxidant elastic material aginst leakages in long-term use. The liquid is prevented from coming out.




Made in Turkey
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