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Azora Jewellery

Little Stones Big Impressions

Throughout history, Jewellery has been worn to symbolize people’s status and wealth, some wore it as a mascot to protect them from the evil spirit. Nowadays people wear jewellery to enhance their own beauty, complement their style and as a symbol of their marital status.

Azora fine crafted jewellery pieces are made to symbolize humanity, culture, beauty and everything that is provided to us by nature in its purest form.

Azora Jewellery pieces are crafted to enhance natural beauty and sense of style. For that, it is fashioned from natural gemstones and precious metals. Why natural gemstones? because nature is generous enough to provide us with what is able to complete our style, sense of fashion, self-confidence and health benefits too.

The idea behind designing Azora pieces is to celebrate nature and Arabic calligraphy. Above all, it is handmade pieces of art and each piece is unique as it is only created once. Azora pieces are crafted from real gemstones, copper and silver. Since every gemstone can provide us with specific health benefits. On the other hand, silver can help in tackling flu, colds and skin problems. Also, it could regulate body temperature as well as protect us from the effects of radiation coming from electronic devices. While cooper has anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it could cause a significant reduction in pain and inflammation.

Azora, wear it once and you will treasure it for ages.

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